Fine Art Wall Prints

Sizes and Prices

Art Grade Photographic Prints*

8 x 10 $75
11 x 14 $150
16 x 20 $250
20 x 24 $375
24 x 30 $500
30 x 40 $950

*Specialty Materials, Custom Sizes and Custom Framing Available at additional cost. Shipping and Taxes are not included.

*Quantity discounts are available

Fine Art prints start with an image captured on large or medium format film or a professional full frame Nikon digital camera using professional photographic techniques which provide an ultra sharp, high resolution file capable of producing exceptional prints as large as 4 feet by 6 feet. I have a hospital wall print over 8 feet high and 16 feet long!

I individually correct all art prints for color, contrast and intensity using a digital version of traditional darkroom techniques to best represent the scene as I saw it. I've found through the years that my interpretation varies a bit with the emotion of the day.  All prints are true representations of what God was doing that day, not Photoshop creations.

The images are then either laser or giclee' printed on the highest of quality professional print materials in a variety of surfaces designed to provide a lifetime of enjoyment.  All large prints are mounted unless otherwise desired and sprayed to produce a very durable surface which I usually display without glass. A surface laminate is also available to provide a higher level of protection if necessary.  Each print, after passing my inspection, is hand signed. 

Prints are available on a variety of specialty materials which include canvas, water color paper, rear lighted acrylic and polished aluminum for an almost limitless variety of creative presentations which can be customized for your particular application. 

5 x 7  Note Cards

10 card wildflower variety pack $15 + shipping & tax
20 card custom pack, any one image* $35 + shipping & tax

 * Custom inside printing available