Fall in Texas

Monday, December 10, 2012

Fall is no doubt my most favorite season, even the air smells different.  This year life sort of kept me close to home, which isn't a bad thing.  For some reason roads were on my mind and I seemed to photograph a lot of them, maybe because I drove so much.  I wrote a little story for Texas Highways and had my first ever cover story in the October issue then ended up with the cover again in November, two in a row!  Another first for me.  

Look at both galleries, this fall and last fall, I enjoyed both and they are pretty similar.  In 2011 it seemed like fall lasted forever, it does that some years.  It was pretty in spite of the dead treas from that hot and dry summer.  This fall was shorter and didn't seem to peak until Thanksgiving weekend, it was still very pretty.  


The Guadalupe Mountain Fall Gallery is very pretty too, the canyons there have a Big Tooth Maple that is a brilliant as anything in New England, AND, it's Texas!

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